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Well-boring and Workover Control Software

Version: 1.03 build 1660

The «Well-boring and Workover Control» Software is developed for operation with DEL-140, DEL-150 systems and their versions and for performing the following functions: to monitor the state and readings of the complexes, to process measurement data, to export them to the company's information systems and to report measuring results.

There are user authorization and administration tools to differentiate the rights of access to the dedicated server.

The program enables to work locally and with a dedicated server of the enterprise receiving measurements from a group of devices. 

Devices can be connected via the following communication channels:

  • Serial port;
  • USB port;
  • Modem connection (using GSM modem);
  • Outgoing TCP/IP connection;
  • Incoming TCP/IP connection (including GPRS).

The measurements read from the devices are stored in the database of the program for subsequent analysis and reporting.

The server of the «Well-boring and Workover Control» Software features automatic transmission of measuring data to external databases (SQL Server, Oracle) and information systems of the enterprise. 

The program comes bundled with an electronic version of a user manual in PDF. To view the file the user must have Acrobat Reader.



Program screens