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Waybill System

Система обслуживания путевых листов

A waybill is the basic document giving registered information about a driver's work and the kilometrage and route of a vehicle. Issued daily to the vehicle driver, it attests that the vehicle belongs to a legal entity, gives the driver the right to drive out of a garage (a car park) to public roads for performance of an assigned task, and also gives occasion to run payroll calculations and pay for transportation.   

The waybill system is developed to service processes connected with issuance and processing of waybills given to the drivers of carrier companies. It consists of terminals servicing waybills and a server controlling the operation of the terminals.

The waybill system is integrated with a motor transport control system of the enterprise (1C:Fleet Management, SAP R/3, and others) with the help of which waybills are prepared and kept during operation, and also the vehicle's fuel consumption and kilometrage are recorded.

Терминал обслуживания путевых листов

Waybill terminal

The waybill terminal is a hardware and software complex based on an industrial computer, equipped with a printer, a bar-code scanner, an electronic key/card reader. Using the terminal, the driver carries out the following actions without assistance: 

  1. At the beginning of a working day, the driver receives a waybill registered for the current day. The driver is identified by the electric key or card. 
  2. On returning to the garage, the driver enters values of the vehicle's daily run, fuel consumption and other readings according to the waybill for their registration in the company's fleet management systems. In interaction with the PetroMap transport control system, the values of daily kilometrage and fuel consumption will be automatically calculated on the basis of the vehicle's path of motion and readings of its fuel-metering devices. 



The terminal server controls actions and operations carried out at the terminals and shares data (waybills, entered readings of kilometrage and fuel consumption, etc.) with the transport management system.

The waybill is issued to the driver for several seconds on the average, which hastens the vehicle's departure. The use of the waybill system also enables to minimize the work of traffic controllers giving and taking waybills and greatly reduce the number of human errors by information processing.  

The system features a user-friendly interface for a system administrator to remotely control the server and the terminals, and also register the waybill issue and "closing" time (input of daily readings). 

The waybill system is developed by OOO NPP Petroline-A and protected by patents registered in the Russian Federation.