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Transport Monitoring System

This technology is used in traffic control services, and also to solve problems of transport logistics in traffic control systems, vehicle control systems to check actual routes and parameters of vehicles with the help of GPS/GLONASS satellites.

The on-board controller locates its position receiving GPS/GLONASS signals and sending them through the mobile Internet channel (GPRS) to the server.



KILOMETRAGE of a vehicle. It is registered by the system on the basis of readings from GPS/GLONASS Medium Earth Orbiting Satellites. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make adjustments to the readings of "the "electronic odometer"!

STOPS. A stop is registered by the system after a 5-minute stop of a vehicle (this parameter can be changed remotely) and stated in reports on stops with a specified place of stoppage.

MOTO HOURS. They are registered by the controller from standard devices of a vehicle, optional sensors, specifying a mode of operation in reports of the upper equipment.  

Report on daily runs from 14 March 2011 to 24 March 2011

No.DateRun [km]Engine working time [hours]Upper equipment working time [hours]Fuel gradeFuel consumption [l]
В 335 МА /16 RUS, MAN
1 14.03.2011 333.3 10.0 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 139.6
2 15.03.2011 311.5 6.9 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 139.5
3 16.03.2011 126.6 4.7 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 61.7
4 17.03.2011 5.1 2.7 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 14.2
5 18.03.2011 588.1 11.4 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 198.2
6 21.03.2011 45.5 3.0 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 35.9
7 22.03.2011 244.4 7.7 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 102.2
8 23.03.2011 437.5 8.6 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 170.7
9 24.03.2011 182.2 4.6 - Diesel fuel (basic) (changeable) 86.8
TOTAL:2 274.159.8-Diesel fuel (basic)948.8


FUEL CONTROL is one of the most important controlled parameters. There are several methods of control:

  • fuel consumption norms for kilometrage, moto hours are entered into the transport control system; the system calculates automatically recording values of consumption in the register of daily run; the main advantage is a low price; 
  • the use of a capacitance level sensor, its advantage is reliable determination of fuel remaining in fuel tank(s) and usability in different mediums (gasoline, diesel fuel, gas, kerosene, milk, acids, etc.), and also minimal working hours by installation;  
  • a fuel consumption sensor is the most efficient and expensive, but it pays itself back quickly due to measurement precision; engine load is determined based on fuel consumption variables, which also enables to keep records of engine running time; this option is in demand for the use in mechanized equipment or stationary diesel units.   



Fuel level in fuel tank (l)

Speed variation (km/h) 


The system registers a vehicle driving style to reduce the number of accidents involving vehicles of the enterprise. All driving offences are recorded with details of time both on a vector map and in system reports.


The WS has an easy-to-use interface menu from which you can get detailed information on vehicle operation parameters with a double-click.

There is no limit for the quantity of WS at an enterprise. The structure of the software is built at the enterprise according to a hierarchy chart with distribution of corresponding access rights. Each user receives his or her own login and password to enter the system (

The company has a positive feedback on integration of the monitoring system with operating programs (1C:Motor Transport Management, SAPR3) used by the largest Russian companies. 


  • Reduction of depreciation costs due to elimination of unauthorized runs.
  • Reduction of fuel costs due to tight control of fuel consumption.
  • Less accidents involving the company's vehicles due to driving style control.
  • Centralized management of the company's vehicle fleet.

We offer this solution satisfying our clients' individual requirements to monitor vehicles and stationary diesel units. The company guarantees continuous updating of the software and quick responses to our clients' requests about functional improvements.

The company can introduce the system at your enterprise FREE OF CHARGE on a pilot basis with a confirmed economic effect.