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Fuel Consumption Control System

The FUEL CONSUMPTION CONTROL SYSTEM is a hardware and software complex designed to record fuel consumption and an operating mode (moto hours) of different internal combustion engines (ICEs).

The PetroMap system is installed on diesel locomotives, ships, diesel power plants, ICE-powered pumps, compressors, heaters, fixed tanks, etc. 

Fuel consumption is controlled with the help of a fuel level sensor mounted in a fuel tank. 

The on-board controller collects data on fuelling, fuel discharge, a current level of fuel in the tank and sends them to the monitoring server remotely via cellular channels (GSM, GPRS).  

The SYSTEM SET is completed with account of difficult operating conditions: low ambient temperature, no cellular signal (GSM, GPRS). 

If there is no cellular signal, data from the controller are received by means of reading them from dynamic memory (micro-SD).


  • Moto hours;
  • Fuel level;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Current location.

A fuel level sensor, or a capacitive level meter is a high-precision measuring instrument for determination of the level of light oil in any tanks (storage reservoirs), with an innage of up to one and a half meters.

Sensors can be customized to feature a measurement level specified by a client, for example, fuel level sensors are widely used for underground fuel storage bins of refuelling stations, tank cars and other capacious storage containers. The fuel sensor is used to determine the level of light oils in systems measuring and controlling the volume of fuels and lubricants in various tanks.  
The fuel level sensor is used in vehicles and tractors for measuring fuel level, and also in different industries to control the level of light oils in any tanks and storage reservoirs.

Characteristics of the fuel level sensor

Measured medium

Gasoline, diesel fuel

Explosive mixtures according to GOST R 51330.11

categories IIA, IIB, groups Т1…Т6

Digital output protocol

RS485 19200 bps

Digital output resolution


Analog output resolution


Frequency range

300 ... 1300 Hz

Output resistance of the level indicator

0...110 Ohm ±10%

Emergency fuel level

10% ±2%

Measurement accuracy in the effective range no worse than


Nonlinearity of response no worse than


Type of explosion protection - level of the intrinsically safe circuit

Explosion proof mark

0ExiаIIВТ6 Х

Degree of protection provided by the casing according to GOST 14254


Protection against electric shock according to GOST 

Class III

Operating supply voltage


Consumption current, no more than


Overall dimensions no more than

540х80х80 mm *

Operating conditions - ambient temperature range С

- 40...+50 С

Operating conditions - atmospheric pressure, kPa

from 84 to 106.7

Length of the measuring section

500, 1000, 1500 mm

Overall dimensions no more than

540х80х80 mm

Weight of the sensor no more than

0.5 kg

Installation kit of the on-board controller

The set consists of:

  • a voltage transducer 12/220 volt;
  • a hermetically sealed IP65 enclosure;
  • a cable for communication between the fuel level sensor and the on-board controller. 


  • GPS/GLONASS positioning;
  • Determining moto hours and fuel consumption of a diesel unit;
  • Reports on changes in fuel consumption with time and place indication; 
  • Interconnection with the 1C program system to share data on the operating time of engines or mounted equipment and fuel consumption or availability of comparison reports in the PetroMap system; 
  • User access rights differentiation with account of the company's organizational structure and/or user groups;  
  • The system can be used on the Internet - via a web browser (you can work with the system anywhere) or the PetroMap user system installed at your enterprise; 
  • The devices are adapted for operation under any climatic conditions and permitted to be used in explosion hazard zones. 


The system has been used in Russia and other countries for years, which testifies the fact that there is huge experience in its successful application in various fields.