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TP-140D(M) Pressure Transducer

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The TP-140D pressure transducer is used to control process pressure in pipelines and hydraulic cylinders. The version of the TP-140D transducer with the letter code (M) was developed for installation on a manifold without a phase separator.

Place of installation

The TP-140D(M) pressure sensor is installed in a drilling fluid system in a make-and-break coupling without a phase separator. 

Technical characteristics

Measurement range of the transducer, MPa (kgf/cm2)

0…40 (0…400)

Maximum permissible error of measurement, % of the measurement range, no more than


Maximum length of the communication line of the TP-140D pressure transducer, m


Operating-temperature range, оС 

- 50…+ 50

Explosion proof mark


Protection level as per GOST 14254.



  • The TP-140D pressure transducer is designed explosion-proof and certified as part of the DEL-140 electronic dynamometer system, it also has Certificate of Conformity No. ROSS RU.GB05.V01598 as of May 18, 2007 issued by NANIO CCVE;  
  • The TP-140D(M) pressure transducer can be used to measure pressure in aggressive, viscous, nonuniform mediums (with an admixture of coarse particles).

Additional information

  •  The TP-140D pressure transducer is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments (Entry No. 35498-07 dated September 16, 2006) and allowed to be used in the Russian Federation.