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DN130V Load-Sensing Element

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The sensor is designed for measurement of load intensity (further converted to torque) on rotary tongs of round-trip equipment by making up and breaking out pipes. 

Place of installation

The sensor is installed at the attachment point of the stopping cable or the reaction bar of automatic or hydraulic tongs. 

Technical characteristics

Maximum load limit kN(ton-force)


Maximum permissible basic error of measurement, % of measurement range, no more than


Maximum length of the communication line of the TP-140D pressure transducer, m


Operating-temperature range, оС

- 40…+ 50

Explosion proof mark



  • The sensor is easy to install, which enables to effectively carry out installation operations and replace the stopping cable or the reaction bar; 
  • Load measurement accuracy is much higher than that of sensors fastened on the cable;
  • In a set with the DEL-140 control module, there is an opportunity of operation with different tongs storing in memory up to 16 different reach values. 

Additional information

The sensor can be supplied with various optional accessories: fasteners, guidelines, reaction bars.