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DTE-140 Temperature Sensor

The DTE-140 temperature sensor is designed to measure ambient temperature. Its form factor enables to use it directly at a drilling rig.

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TP-140D Pressure Transducer

The TP-140D measuring pressure transducer (hereinafter transducer) is designed for operation in various industries, automatic process control systems to ensure continuous transformation of excess pressure of neutral and aggressive environments into unified current output signal 4…20mA. The transducer is powered through a two-wire power supply/communication line.

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TP-140D(M) Pressure Transducer

The TP-140D pressure transducer is used to control process pressure in pipelines and hydraulic cylinders. The version of the TP-140D transducer with the letter code (M) was developed for installation on a manifold without a phase separator.

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IVB-140 Mud Return Indicator

The IVB-140 mud return indicator is designed to indicate movement of waste drilling mud through a mud channel to a treatment unit (mud return).

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DPS-140 Position and Speed Sensor

Speed sensors are intended for control of drawworks drum shaft speed. As a part of the DEL-140 system, such a sensor is used to measure and control round-trip operations.

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DKM-140(Ts) Torque Sensor

The torque sensor is meant for indirect measurement of torque and speed of a chain-drive rotary table. The sensor is installed under a drive train in a convenient place for installation and operation.

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DKM-140 Torque Sensor

The sensor is designed for measurement of torque and rotor speed of fixed and mobile drilling rigs. It can be used in other power plants requiring constant control over torque data and rotor speed.

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DN130V Load-Sensing Element

The sensor is designed for measurement of load intensity (further converted to torque) on rotary tongs of round-trip equipment by making up and breaking out pipes.

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DN130 Load-Sensing Element

The sensor is designed for measurement of the weight on hook of lifting equipment (Patent No. 77426 as of March 19, 2008).

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DP-140 Density Sensor

The DP-140 density sensor is meant for determination of drilling mud density out and in mud tanks.

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KVDD-140(P) Discreet Data Input Controller

KVDD-140(P) is a discreet data input controller with the help of which the complex can operate with any devices with discreet data-out.

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