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Memory Module

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The MU-140 module consists of a plug-in electronic memory module installed in a special compartment of the body of the MU-140 control module and functions as a nonvolatile storage of service data on all controlled process-dependent parameters and working constants.

Data record in the memory module is carried out circle-wise, i.e. when the memory capacity is 100% filled, new measurement data are recorded over existing measurement data starting from the earliest by date. A period of time during which the memory size of the module will be filled depends on the number of controlled parameters and their variation in time. For example, the memory module of the DEL-140 complex recording 4 process parameters varying in time will be filled for 60 days of continuous work. Under normal conditions, by registration of 4 parameters, the memory module is 100% filled after 4-6 months of continuous operation.