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Optional Equipment

Interface Device

It is designed for operation with the DEL-140 memory module and serves as a connector between a memory module and a PC. It is used solely in closed heated spaces, outside explosion hazard zones.

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USB-RS485 Converter

The USB-RS485 converter for communication between a computer and the DEL-140 control module is designed for a direct interface of the MU-140 control module with a PC via a USB port to control devices of the DEL-140 system in real time. It can be used exclusively in closed heated spaces, outside explosion hazard zones.

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KBS-485 Wireless Communication Set

The KBS-485 wireless communication set is designed for operation as a part of the hardware-software complex "DEL-140 electronic dynamometer" as a substitute for a communication cable line between the MU-140 control module at a drilling site and a foreman driller's PC in a mobile facility (a foreman's portable cabin).

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PUDN - Device for Installation of Load-Sensing Element

The PUDN is a device for installation of a load-sensing element designed for mounting and demounting the DN-130 sensor of load on a cable. Please read a DEL-140 operating guide which gives a detailed account of a mounting procedure with the use of the PUDN.

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Memory Module

The MU-140 module consists of a plug-in electronic memory module installed in a special compartment of the body of the MU-140 control module and functions as a nonvolatile storage of service data on all controlled process-dependent parameters and working constants.

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Rosemount 3105 Level Transmitter

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