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MU-140 Control Module

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Completed with devices of the DEL-140 complex, the MU-140 control module performs the following functions:

  • Intrinsically safe power supply of DN130 (DN130V), MI-140 (MI-140S) and other devices used in explosion hazard zones;
  • Translation of a measured rope tension force into a force acting on a hook with account of the weight and reduction ratio of a used block-and-tackle arrangement; 
  • Translation of a measured rope tension force into a force acting on a BIT and signal transfer to the MI-140 (MI-140S) indication module in the "BORE" mode;
  • Digital indication of a force acting on a hook;
  • Control of exceeding the critical level of an acting force and switching on an external device with an audio or light alarm in cases of limit exceeding;
  • Calculation and indication of the number of performed cycles of round-trip operations from the moment of zeroing of a cycle counter;
  • Zeroing of a round-trip cycle counter;
  • Zeroing of the weight of a tool set;
  • Transmission of acting force values to the MI-140 (MI-140S) indication module;
  • Data reading from a timer/calendar for time indication and recording; 
  • Data input into nonvolatile memory carried out by an operator, these data include the limit of a force acting on a hook; the limit of a force on a BIT in the "BORE" mode; the reduction ratio of a block-and-tackle arrangement; the number of round-trip equipment; the number of a deposit; the number of a well cluster; the number of a well; the number of a team (crew) and other parameters;
  • Automatic storing of data on the maximum force in a round-trip cycle; 
  • Storage of data of all controlled parameters in electronic nonvolatile memory; GPRS data transmission on-line or with specified discreteness. 
  • The MU-140 control module consists of a demountable electronic memory unit which is installed in a special section in the case of the MU-140 module for recording and nonvolatile storage of ancillary data on all controlled technological parameters and working constants input from the control module.
  • Data recording in the memory unit is carried out "circle-wise", i.e. when the memory capacity is filled, measurements are recorded over the earlier recorded data starting from the earliest ones by date. 

Technical characteristics

Coefficient of the block-and-tackle system 1,2,4,6,8,10,12,14, 16,18 
Scale interval of the numeric display for load on the hoist hook, kN (ton-force) 1 (0.1) 
Digit capacity of the numeric display by measurement of load, units  4
Threshold for self-registration of round-trip operations, kN (ton-force)   3 (0.3)
Warm-up time of MU-140, min, no more than  10
Value of divisions issued in a digital code for indication of pressure value, MPa (kgf/cm2)
 0.01 (0.1)
Capacity of the memory unit, MB  256
Parameters of power supply of the dynamometer, direct voltage, V  23...27
Operating-temperature range, ºС   -40...+50
Applied systems of measurement units  CGS, SI
Power consumption, W  9
Explosion proof mark as part of DEL-140  [Exib]IIВ 


The abode mentioned devices are explosion-proof (Ex) due to a spark-safe electric circuit (ib category) which presupposes the following circuitries:  
1) power supply to all devices used in an explosion hazard zone, such as a DN130 load sensor, TP-140D and TP-140D(M) pressure transformers, a DKM-140 torque sensor, a MI-140 (MI-140S) indication module and others, is limited to the intrinsically safe power level for each power supply line with separate explosion-proof units designed with the use of resistors and Zener diodes;   
2) all elements of the spark protecting unit are a solid and nonrepairable compound-filled unit;
3) printed circuit boards with electrical elements are coated with insulating lacquer;
4) printed conductors of spark-safe circuits on electronic boards conductively-coupled with spark-hazardous circuits are separated with a screen no less than 1.5 mm wide.