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MI-140S Indication Module

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The indication module is designed for dynamic display of DEL-140 sensor readings.

Place of installation

The MI-140S indication module is installed on the post or in the cab of a load lifter and designed for operation in explosion hazard zones indoors or outdoors according to an explosion proof mark.

Technical characteristics

Explosion proof mark 1ExibIIBT3
Level of protection as per GOST 14254 IP64
Operation under climatic conditions according to GOST 15150-89 UHL1 (NF, moderate and cold climate)
Overall dimensions, mm 400х320х190


  • Reliable operation and visualization of load on a counter-pointer display with an additional Vernier scale.
  • Digital indication with the use of light-emitting diodes changing their colour depending on a mode of operation:
    • green(easy-to-use, easy-eye) – normal mode,
    • orange – by 95% of the prescribed ultimate load,
    • red – by 100% of the prescribed ultimate load.

Additional information

  • MI-140S has a box-like case made of aluminum alloy containing no less than 6% of magnesium covered with armored-film glass. The case and the glass are tightly joined due to elastic gaskets. 
  • MI-140S (counter-pointer) has a dial with an indicator powered and controlled with a low-current stepping motor. Pointer readings are backed up on four seven-segment LED matrices.
  • MI-140S features integrated microprocessor control, an RS-485 digital circuit for communication with the MU-140 control module and a stabilized power supply circuit, an intrinsically safe circuit at the infeed of the module based on two diodes connected in an infallible series.
  • In addition, MI=140S has an intrinsically safe circuit based on two diodes connected in an infallible series, at the outlet of electric motor winding ends, which together with the ends is compound-filled.