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About Us

The employees of Petroline-A have been developing and manufacturing measurement and control instruments for the gas-and-oil producing industry since 1994.

Continuously searching for new solutions in line with an increasing technological level and customer's wishes, the company has been holding a stable position on the market of oil equipment for already 18 years.

The company's long-term experience of research engineering in the oil industry, regular participation in exhibitions and tenders for the supply of instrumentation argue that Petroline-A manufactures functional and efficient products with a good quality-price ratio in conformity to safety and quality standards and with all necessary certificates, including those issued by public authorities.

The company produces reliable measurement and control instruments and other oil equipment that makes oil and gas industry workers' labour much easier, enables them to effectively control production processes, as well as to prevent accidents and on-the-job injuries.

"In cooperation, we count on an individual approach and our employees' high professional skills. Our constant direct contacts with end users (oil producers) guarantee total customer satisfaction," says Pavel Abrazheev, Director of NPP Petroline-A.

Our own warranty (warranty on all equipment is 12 months) and after-sales service, our expanded network of service centers help us solve emerging problems quickly, collect and analyze information on the functioning of instruments and other oil equipment, and also upgrade facilities taking into account customers' wishes.

The company's main products are a DEL-140 drilling and repair control system with a variable number of parameters, a PetroMap automated system designed to monitor process parameters of vehicles and diesel units, and an automated waybill system.